Envirosonics. Sensing World Wide.

Envirosonics created a versatile communications platform – not limited to any point on the earth – to facilitate study and control of environmental, agricultural and industrial systems. This platform spans uses from remote environmental studies, such as long-term ecological research, to asset tracking and industrial monitoring and control at any point on the planet. In each of these areas, the idea is the same; bring data gathered by the device to the people monitoring target areas of interest.

The Name

“Envirosonics” was coined by Dr. Stuart Gage of Michigan State University. A respected friend, forward-thinking professor, and accomplished scientist with whom we worked with while on a 10 year project for the National Science Foundation. The name Envirosonics became the name for our company . Dr. Gage shared the idea of listening to the environment around us in order to understand and quantify characteristics both ecological and industrial, as one another share spaces in all of our lives. That’s what we do.

The Envirosonics products are designed to be versatile in the implementation, covering many of the needs of environmental and industrial monitoring and control inherently. Hooks into the system are provided via an expansion interface feature as well as standard mod-bus communications.

Standard features of the Envirosonics products include low-cost world-wide satellite communications, GPS established location information, wireless expansion capabilities, 8 or more menu configurable analog inputs, several digital inputs including triggering capability, and control of four relays for external equipment control.

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